Digital Color Tonal Set

216,00  ex. VAT

This Tonal Set will demonstrate your client’s tonal classification (Light, Dark, Cool, Warm, Clear and Soft). In addition to 60 Typical and 36 Neutral Color Drapes, this set includes a flag and an oval for each of the 6 tonal classifications. The combination of these Drapes and Flags along side your client’s images of skin tone, eyes and hair, will be invaluable to your virtual color consulation as you combining the elements and show a final determination.


  • 60 Typical Color Drapes: 10 for each Tonal category
  • 36 Neutral Color Drapes: 6 for each Tonal category
  • 6 Ovals: 1 for each Tonal category
  • 6 Flags: 1 for each Tonal category                                                     

Total: 108 different images