Digital Color Completion Set

48,00  ex. VAT

You have just concluded your digital color analysis and your client is thrilled! Add more value or add-on fee services with this Completion Set. The Completion Set makes it easy for you to expand on the important attributes of Metal Color Analysis as well as the addition of Universal Colors to the client’s color palate. These 24 images allow you to fully complete your analysis as well as add the benefit of additional color and style combinations your client can find in their existing or future wardrobe and accessories.


  • 10 Color Drapes with 10 metal nuances
  • 1 Oval with 10 Metals
  • 1 Flag with 10 Metals
  • 10 Universal Color Drapes Example: Flag Universal Colors
  • 1 Oval with 10 Universal Colors
  • 1 Flag with 10 Universal Colors

Total: 24 different images