Digital Color 12 Type Set

432,00  ex. VAT

Consultants who prefer to work with the 12 Season Color Analysis Theory will find this set a perfect match for their consultations. As with the traditional system, each Classic Season is subdivided by temperature (warm/cool), resonance (clear/soft) and value (light/dark), each represented in one tonal focus. It is now even easier than in an in-person consultation to switch back and forth and show your client using these drapes which tonal focus is best characterized within the seasonal category. Begin the process by contrasting Typical Color and Neutral Color Drapes, to then show the final classification with the ovals around the face and the flags.


  • 120 Typical Color Drapes: 10 for each Tonal season
  • 72 Neutral Color Drapes: 6 for each Tonal season
  • 12 Ovals: 1 for each Tonal season                            
  • 12 Flags: 1 for each Tonal season

 Total: 216 different images