Digital Color Analysis Set

42,00  ex. VAT

As with your traditional color consultations, these drapes will be a color overlay on the client, but in this case, you will be using the client’s picture(s). As with all your prior color analyses, drapes will deomonstrate visually which color nuances are better for your client using the tonal indicators you are familiar with (warm/cool, light/dark, clear/soft), as well as the Grayscale flag and oval to determine your client’s optimal level of color contrast.


  • 1 two-tone metallic drape in gold and silver
  • 2 two-tone drape in skin nuances: apricot & orange / rose & pink
  • 2 two-tone drape in neutral colors beige & brown / grey & black
  • 4 two-tone drape to determine cool/warm contrast in apricot & rose / orange & pink / beige & grey / brown & black
  • 10 two-tone drapes to determine complementary contrast in red/green (4 seasonal drapes and 6 tonal drapes)
  • Grayscale flag of 10 shades of gray
  • 1 Grayscale oval of 10 shades of gray

Total: 21 different images